The Benefits of Mindfulness in the Silicon Valley Workplace

Increasing effectiveness, leaping far beyond expectations, and fostering an innovative, goal driven company culture embodies the core philosophy of the modern office. Blending mindful practices into the workplace can help business owners build a dream team of corporate superstars.

Simply put, mindfulness is the art of self-care.
Understanding the key benefits of mindfulness in the workplace empowers teams to succeed and grow.


Mindfulness fosters creativity. More and more, modern workplaces are reinventing outdated corporate tenets. A recent Forbes article suggests allowing employees time to dream, create, and be alone in their own space is highly beneficial in promoting innovation and productivity. The stress and chaos of a routine workday is filled with so many overlapping concerns that allotting a few minutes each day to self-care is essential. Our best ideas often come from nothing. While this may seem counter-intuitive, a blank canvas is a perfect environment for a masterpiece. Consider adding a weekly or twice weekly movement class to your office regime. Restorative yoga or qigong are great ways to harness positive energy and increase mental efficiency.


Teams that sweat together, work well together! Group training is a great option for team building exercises. Challenging oneself is an active part of mindfulness. Strength training fosters a team dynamic, empowers employees in achieving healthful personal goals, and creates a work culture centered on collaboration, care, and dedication.

Health and Happiness

A gym membership is one of the best investments an employer can make. The average employee spends the majority of his or her day in front of a computer screen. By investing in the well-being of personnel, companies are investing in their future. Fewer sick days, happier co-workers, and a positive office culture are among the benefits of a healthy workforce.

Take a Break!

Wellness services such as massage, chiropractic, and Women’s Self Care Nights offer an alternative to more grueling gym regimens and provide benefits to the mind, body, and spirit. Attending a monthly workshop is an inclusive way to bring employees together. Shifting the focus to mindful workplace techniques ultimately benefits the future sustainability of an office team.

How do you practice mindfulness during the 9 to 5? Let us know!

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