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Have you ever gone to the gym to do your workout and noticed a tight, stiff area in your neck and lower back? No matter how much you warm up or stretch the discomfort just doesn't seem to go away? Are there movements in your current workout routine that you avoid because they are painful or cause discomfort during or after the workout? You are not alone! Recent statistics show that 85% of the population will experience low back pain, along with a number of other muscular and joint related injuries that can keep you from doing what you love!

I am Dr. Dino Del Mastro and I am very excited to be at Trilogy Wellness Center full time to help you and your loved ones with these types of issues keeping you from pursuing your wellness goals. In 2017 the Journal of the American Medical Association recommended utilization of exercise prescription and spinal mobilization as a first tier option when dealing with musculoskeletal pain, specifically neck and low back pain. As a Doctor of Chiropractic, specializing in sports injuries and exercise rehabilitation, I am passionate about helping clients suffering from aches and pains which benefit greatly from regular muscle release therapy and chiropractic mobilizations. During our visits, we will discuss injuries, areas of discomfort and physical fitness goals that you’ve set to determine a game plan customizing your care so you can continue pushing forward with less pain and discomfort.

Being co-located with the Trilogy staff gives me a unique opportunity to work with your personal trainer after our visit and discuss the game plan from a rehabilitative perspective. This level of communication between training and recovery is paramount to realizing your strength, fitness and wellness goals.

I look forward to seeing YOU at Trilogy!

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