5 Simple Tips for a Functional Fitness Routine

Most of us have a hard time cracking the code to a perfect workout regime -- and sticking to it. The good news is that starting a healthy fitness routine need not be costly, complicated, or painful! These 5 Simple Tips can help kickstart your functional fitness journey.

Mix It Up!

No one wants to grind through the same routine every day at the gym, nor is it beneficial to do cardio five days week. Working out should be an adventure! Diversify your workout with a combination of cross-training, weights, uphills, and flat planes. Try switching up the intensity of each set to challenge your body in new ways. Keeping your routine interesting and fresh is a great way to combat boredom!

Use The Buddy System

Get a fitness buddy to keep you accountable! Having shared goals and a strong support system is the key to success. No buddy? No problem! Joining a class is a fantastic way to connect, motivate, and stay empowered. With a variety of strength, wellness, and total body classes available, now is the perfect time to join a gym community.

Try a Gentle Reminder

Even the most fitness-happy gym unicorn can have trouble getting up and getting going. A simple motivational goes a long way. Try laying out your gym clothes the night before or bring your running shoes to work. Keep a fitness journal and celebrate progress, no matter how small. Finally, make a playlist! A few songs to get you pumped up and energized will help you stay on target.

Start Small, Keep it Fun!

Attitude is the key to creating lasting healthy habits. Remember, a workout regime is about self-care and treating your body right. That means you can't expect to go from zero to one hundred overnight. Start slowly with Qi Gong and a twenty-minute bike ride, then build to barre and weight training. However you choose to start your routine, make sure you're enjoying your time. A happy spirit goes hand-in-hand with a healthy body.

Need an Extra Push?

Fitness pros and newcomers alike often have a hard time figuring out where to start. Adding diversity and new challenges to existing workouts can be difficult, while those just starting out may struggle to find workouts they enjoy. Try working with a personal trainer a couple times a week. Having individualized and professional guidance can make all the difference in fostering healthy exercise habits.

What's your secret to getting out and staying motivated? Let us know!

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